Shein establishes Spain as one of its top European markets

Shein establishes Spain as one of its top European markets

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Shein strengthens Spain as one of its top European markets

Peter Pernot Day, the global director of strategy at Shein, elaborated on this in an interview with El Economista. Shein’s digitalized supply chain is one of its key strengths, and the company has been progressively expanding its business beyond online sales through its website.

In recent years, Shein has entered into agreements with fashion retail giants like Forever 21Missguided

Moreover, Shein has already launched the Shein Exchange platform in the United States, which focuses on peer-to-peer sales of pre-owned garments. They plan to bring this platform to European markets such as Germany and France shortly and are set to introduce it in Spain in 2024.

Regarding their sales channels, Shein does not currently have plans to open permanent physical stores, but they do embrace the pop-up store format. The company recently opened a temporary store in Sevilla and previously did the same in Madrid and Barcelona.

Born in Guangzhou, China, in 2012, the Asian giant now has its headquarters in Singapore and manages its European business from Dublin, operating with two logistics centers, one in Poland and another in Italy. The company emphasizes that, despite distributing its products in 150 countries, it does not operate in China, which, along with Brazil and Turkey, serves as its primary production area.

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