ZalandoÂtargets most loyal customers as shopping club becomes Lounge by Zalando

Zalando targets most loyal customers as shopping club becomes Lounge by Zalando

Retailers know that loyalty club members are gold dust — especially in tough times like these — and with that in mind, Zalando


It has converted its shopping club Zalando Lounge into Lounge by Zalando, giving it a new look and feel with redesigned website and app. The name change might seem like a small point, but the company said “the new brand identity mirrors the joyful treasure hunt experience that Lounge by Zalando offers to members and makes a clear link to the Zalando brand”.

And that really matters, with the business also saying that almost three-quarters of consumers who sign up for the shopping cub go on to make a purchase within it.

The Lounge offer first launched in 2010 and is now available in 17 countries in Europe, including the UK.

So what does it all look like? The new logo features a gem symbol “to signify the unmissable deals offered by the shopping club”. A wide palette of “bright, joyful colours” is used throughout various stages of the user journey. Typography is “another unifying element that connects Lounge to the Zalando Group by choosing fonts from the same family”.

The Lounge offer is based on the launch of “a selection of fresh campaigns featuring fashion and lifestyle products by sought-after brands at reduced prices” every day at 7am.

The campaigns run for up to 72 hours only, and offer discounts up to 75% for “limited stock of attractive products”.

“Lounge… has proven to delight its members, with 70% of people who sign up making a purchase in our shopping club,” said the unit’s VP Kenneth Melchior. “From big-name brands at affordable prices to hot drops with amazing discounts, Lounge by Zalando is the place to discover something new every day”.

As mentioned, it’s available in 17 countries but members in Germany, France, and Italy, can benefit from the early access to sales events and Lounge by Zalando campaigns. In the future, the benefits will be extended to Zalando Plus members in more markets.

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