Inditex adds Massimo Dutti’s offer to Zara’s US website

Inditex adds Massimo Dutti’s offer to Zara’s US website

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Massimo Dutti’s Spring/Summer 2023 campaign – Massimo Dutti – Facebook

As published in the Spanish business newspaper Expansión, Zara’s US online shop has had a dedicated Massimo Dutti section (alongside its women’s, men’s, children’s, home and beauty sections) since last October.

The website carries a selection of Massimo Dutti’s premium clothing, for both men and women, and allows customers to purchase garments or accessories from both brands in one single order. At the same time, Massimo Dutti’s US website is still up and running in the country, offering its entire range of products.

It remains to be seen whether the group will opt for this same merger strategy in other markets in which it operates, as well as whether the Galicia-based company will test this formula with other brands in its portfolio.

The most comparable move that the Inditex group has carried out to date was the integration of Zara Home

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