Bershka marks 25th anniversary by unveiling new logo, updated corporate identity

Bershka marks 25th anniversary by unveiling new logo, updated corporate identity

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The brand’s new identity has already been presented in Lisbon – Bershka

Bershka has changed its logo for the first time in its history, in a project developed in collaboration with Dinamo Typefaces, a Berlin-based company specializing in typography and branding design. The evolution is reflected in a change to bold uppercase letters, similar to what Pull&Bear recently did by abandoning its well-known lowercase handwriting. The typography chosen by the brand is ABC Whyte.

Furthermore, the brand has opted to strengthen its teenage line, independent of its collections for men and women, by bringing back the iconic ‘BSK’ logo in a modern and contoured format.

Evolution of the brand logo – Bershka

After the aforementioned rebranding of Pull&Bear and StradivariusZara

So far, Bershka’s renewed identity has already been rolled out on the brand’s online store and social media channels, as well as in its physical store in Colombo, located in the center of Lisbon. According to the brand, the new image “will be gradually introduced into new stores and renovations from now on.”


Founded in April 1998, Bershka currently has 860 stores in 69 countries. The brand is Inditex’s second-largest format in terms of revenue, only behind its big sister, Zara. In the last fiscal year, the brand recorded sales of €2.384 billion, representing 7.3% of the sales of the company based in Arteixo.

During the same period, the Inditex conglomerate increased its revenue by 17.5%, reaching €32.569 billion.

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