TikTok introduces Avatar feature

TikTok introduces Avatar feature

TikTok introduced last month a new Avatar feature as part of the latest addition to the platform and as a means for showcasing the community’s individuality. 

TikTok introduces Avatars. – TikTok

The new feature allows users to recreate themselves as virtual beings, using camera detection to overlay their faces. From there, users can personalize their look and style by choosing from a variety of hairstyles, accessories, makeup and piercings. Users can also tune their Avatars face shape, skin tone and features.

Avatars signals the company’s entry into the metaverse and may also have an impact on future influencer campaigns on the platform. TikTok also joins fellow social media app’s that have already launched an avatar feature, including the likes of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram

“We’re excited to see how people use Avatars to express their creativity and continue exploring ways to bring Avatars into more TikTok experiences, building spaces across TikTok for self-expression and expanding on the ways people connect and create across our global community,” the company said in a news statement. 

Most recently, the Influencer Marketing 2022 report by Influencer Intelligence revealed that 31% of marketers will be investing in influencer marketing on TikTok, this year.

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