How ‘jorts’ are on mission to conquer summer wardrobes

How ‘jorts’ are on mission to conquer summer wardrobes



“Jors,” or jean shorts, are a top trend of the summer that’s all the rage on social networks. And women are the latest adopters of this long and wide style of denim shorts, inspired by menswear looks.

Women are increasingly drawing fashion inspiration from men’s wardrobes, it seems. After the suit and tie, “jorts” are now riding high in the womenswear department this summer — although not everyone will be pleased to hear it! This fashion item, which already appeared in men’s wardrobes last year, has even been adopted by the Hadid sisters and certain luxury brands.

While women are no strangers to wearing denim shorts in summer, it is a version cut a little longer, and especially quite wide, that’s making an appearance this year. On TikTok, the #jorts hashtag already counts more than seven million views. It includes videos of women and men who explain how to cut off old jeans to the right length to get the on-trend look, or offer tips on styling outfits with their “jorts.”

Continuing the trend for all things ugly?

But this fashion item is not a hit with everyone, whether among men or women. These denim shorts are not necessarily flattering for all body types, and some people balk at the outfits suggested by influencers. Under one video with 25,000 likes, posted by the TikToker jenisshit, comments such as “I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing this outfit,” stand in stark contrast to those from fans of the trend.

“Jorts” are often matched with tank tops, loose tops and visible socks, sometimes even with the famous Birkenstock

“Jorts” seem to fall in line with the broader trend for ugly clothes returning to fashion. So, are you ready to cut off your old jeans or to let yourself be tempted by a pair of these long-cut denim shorts?

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