Bimba y Lola doubles its Ebitda in 2021 and achieves a profit of â16 million

Bimba y Lola doubles its Ebitda in 2021 and achieves a profit of €16 million


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Bimba y Lola

It also accumulated revenues of €216.5 million, which represents a significant increase of 31% over the previous year’s figures.

According to the company, these figures represent the “complete recovery” of business operating margins, achieving profitability levels “very close” to those prior to the covid-19 pandemic.

This has been the case, Bimba y Lola added, despite the fact that net profit was impacted by exceptional write-offs and provisions caused by store closures and the cancellation of the brand’s launch in Russia.

In terms of revenue, 2021 saw a strong recovery in store traffic and sales (+54% vs. 2020) and a stable digital channel, which accounted for 22% of sales.

The brand’s international growth also boosted earnings, with foreign sales now accounting for 38% of the group’s total.

By the end of 2021, Bimba y Lola had 271 points of sale in 20 countries and expanded its presence to 43 countries through the development of its digital channel.

Bimba y Lola’s CEO, José Manuel Martínez, pointed out that this return to profitability has allowed them to “reactivate” their expansion and investment plans worldwide, with which they seek to position the company “as a global brand”.

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