Gap launches Dogami NFT wearables

Gap launches Dogami NFT wearables


Gap launches Dogami NFT wearables. – Gap

As of this month, digital Gap logo hoodies specifically designed for Dogami avatars will be available for purchase allowing players to express their virtual pet’s individual style that will have a direct impact on game stats. 

The virtual apparel will be available in three-item packs. In particular, there are 8 different types of accessories, each available in eight colors, and four levels of rarity (Rare, Epic, Legendary and Artifact). They will be made exclusive to Gap Threads NFT holders for 24 hours, and will later open to the general public.

“As the metaverse and petaverse grow, Gap will continue to explore this space by embracing creativity and innovation that shapes culture by amplifying individuality, both in the physical and digital worlds,” said Mary Alderete, Gap’s chief marketing officer.

The Gap Threads marketplace and Dogami are both built on Tezos, a more energy efficient blockchain, allowing for minimal energy consumption and a low carbon footprint.

The brand continues to explore new channels to engage customers in the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. Most recently, Gap launched its third collection of limited-edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in partnership with contemporary artist and former professional soccer player Demit Omphroy. 

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