Ebay Imperfects launches for products with defects

Ebay Imperfects launches for products with defects

Ebay UK announced last week the launch of the “Imperfects” range, a new sustainable initiative that gives space to products with minor defects. 

Ebay Imperfects launches for products with defects. – Facebook: Ebay

The offering includes clothes, shoes and accessories from over 100 high-street and high-end designers including North Face, Off White, PumaFilaTimberland

Defects vary from a small scuff or mark, a button missing or a loose thread. Items come straight from the factory with defects, while others simply did not meet the manufacturers strict quality standards. For shoppers, all imperfections are clearly labelled in the listing with accompanying photos so customers know what they are getting.

Marking Earth Month, Ebay Imperfects launches to encourage shoppers to shop sustainably. It also comes as new data from the marketplace shows that UK shoppers are becoming increasingly conscious. In fact, searches for ‘preloved clothes’ have multiplied nine times in the last year and searches for ‘used dress’ are up by 156%. 

The online marketplace’s global 2022 Recommerce Report discovered that while financial reasons remain the primary motivator, 42% of Ebay buyer respondents also cited environmental concerns and a hope to reduce waste. 

“With growing financial pressures and the climate crisis continuing to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds, we’re proud to launch Imperfects as another avenue to help keep fashion items out of landfill,” said Jemma Tadd, head of fashion at Ebay UK.

“It’s often the fashion items that may have not made the ‘cut’ and failed quality assurance checks – as a result customers would not have had the opportunity to purchase the items. Ebay is providing a platform for these items to be given a second chance, and be sold, despite their imperfections.”

As part of Ebay’s ongoing efforts to reduce fashion sent to landfill, in 2021, Ebay helped save over 17,770 tons of fashion items out of landfill.

“Imperfect clothing, while perhaps not being able to be sold at retail price by brands, still deserves a space in someone’s wardrobe. Ebay’s new online destination will continue to save thousands of high-quality fashion items from going to waste too soon and help the conscious minded consumer get their hands on in-demand brands,” added Simon Payne at Sole Responsibility, an Ebay UK seller.

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