Boohoo links with CottonConnect for sustainable range

Boohoo links with CottonConnect for sustainable range



The company has launched a REEL (responsible environment enhanced livelihoods) commitment that focuses on sustainably-grown cotton. It’s produced in partnership with CottonConnect which has trained 2,500 farmers in Pakistan about the benefits of more sustainable cotton production and good business practices. 

Boohoo said the scheme “creates a more transparent supply chain, which allows the business to trace the cotton used to make their customers favourite garments back to the village they were grown in”.

The REEL initiative involves detailed training at specially developed demonstration plots, supporting the commitment to consumers in offering more sustainable options, and helping signpost product with the ‘Ready For the Future’ label.

“The group [is] passionate about educating and empowering individuals both internally and across their supply chain,” it said. “The CottonConnect partnership educates farmers about the benefits of more sustainable production methods, which the farmers themselves say produces a better yield and higher net income, which is allowing them to give better education and health facilities to their children.  

“Nothing is wasted, as during the cleaning process the seeds are captured and used to either replanted or used as a by-product to create cooking oil or as fuel in a local factory. It empowers the farmers with the knowledge around the benefits of reducing the use of pesticides, an action which has resulted in the honeybees returning to the cotton field allowing the farmers to produce their own honey, providing an additional revenue stream”.   

Boohoo added: “This is just the beginning of our REEL cotton journey, but we committed to the farmers and the programme as we work towards our long-term goal of ensuring all our cotton is more sustainable sourced. 

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