K-way and Kappa to dress the Alpine F1 team for the next three years

K-way and Kappa to dress the Alpine F1 team for the next three years

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After a name change last year, Alpine, the RenaultKappaK-Way

Kappa applies its KombatTM technology to its soccer-inspired jerseys – Kappa


“This is the first time we sign a sponsorship agreement that reaches an international level,” explained Rémi GarnierIntersportSport 2000

The Kappa collection – Fnw

The Italian-based Kappa studio has designed two lines. One is to be worn by the teams which includes T-shirts (€55), polo shirts, sweatshirts and soft-shell jackets (€140) in blue and in black featuring a tricolored stripe on the shoulder. The line is complemented by accessories and two different shoe models. The second is an accessible offer for fans including round-necked T-shirts in blue, white, and red (€35). The brand also slipped in a blue jersey resembling a soccer jersey (€75) into the collection. 

“We aim to gradually bring our expertise as a lifestyle brand to the world of Formula 1 and to enduro (off-road motorcycle sport, editor’s note) and e-sports, which we also equip. The four capsule collections per year will allow us to offer many different options. The permanent collection has around 30 pieces and with the additional capsule designs, we will be able to offer about 60 products throughout the year,” explained Garnier. At the same time, the group could seize opportunities in the motorcycle racing industry in line with its arrival in motorsports.

Kappa approaches the automotive industry with a focus on lifestyle – Kappa

Outside the paddocks, the Alpine teams will have another wardrobe. BasicNet has entrusted K-way with the athletes and team members’ outfits for events in the city. For the first Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain on March 20, the Alpine team led by drivers Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon will be able to choose from a dozen pieces ideal for travel, including windbreakers, bombers, T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts, as well as a suitcase in the team’s colors. The lineup is completed by a selection of caps and hats designed by New Era

The BasicNet group, owned by the Boglione family and headed by Federico Torino, announced a turnover of €949 million for its various production and distribution licenses, including nearly €710 million for its marketing licenses. Its consolidated turnover is close to €297 million, with an EBIT of €31.6 million. Details of its results will be released on March 3.

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