Mangoâs founder creates a board of directors for his real estate company, Punta Na

Mango’s founder creates a board of directors for his real estate company, Punta Na

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Isak Andic

Isak Andic, founder of Mango – Mango

The founder’s children, Jonathan Andic, Judith Andic, and Sarah Andic will also be serving as directors for the company, forming part of this new board that will be constituted over the next few weeks. Jonathan Andic balances this role along with his other responsibilites such as forming part of the board of directors of MangoVioleta

Today, Punta Na has a real estate portfolio of about 70 assets with a total market value of around 1.2 billion euros. Among them are number 36, Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona (the location of the Mandarin Oriental hotel), number 60 in Madrid’s “Calle Serrano” as well as another property located in the Parisian neighborhood, Opèra. The real estate company also boasts properties in prime locations in other countries, such as in Austria and the Czech Republic

According to data from the Commercial Registry in 2020, Punta Na recorded revenues of 24.6 million euros, compared to the previous year’s 41.5 million euros. This negative impact on the company was due to the fall in rents, the company’s main source of income, as a result of the pandemic. After losing 1.4 million euros in 2020, Punta Na should have returned to profitability in 2021. 

Meanwhile, Mango’s sales contracted by 22.4% to 1,842 million euros in the last fiscal year. Throughout this period, online sales accounted for 42% of turnover to 766 million euros. 


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