How We’re Making Our Wardrobes Work Better for Us This Year

Wardrobe Tips Our Editors Swear By

When you dreamed up your goals for 2023, it wouldn’t be surprising if your mind jumped straight to your career or wellness routine—but here at The Everygirl, we also recognize the importance of style resolutions. And this year, at the top of our list is revamping our wardrobes so that they work better for us—inspiring our love of fashion, making it easier to get dressed in the morning, and reflecting our own unique selves and styles.

If you’ve fallen into a style rut and find yourself showing up to your closet every morning uninspired or feeling overwhelmed every time you open a dresser drawer, then it’s time to rework your wardrobe. After all, dreading putting outfits together is definitely not the vibe we’re after. Keep reading for eight wardrobe tips that will help you revamp your wardrobe so that you can re-embrace fashion as a creative outlet and feel truly excited to get dressed in the morning. 


The Wardrobe Tips Our Editors Swear By


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Swap out pieces every season

Looking at off-season pieces is an easy way to instantly kill your styling mojo. This year, we’re committing to the seasonal clothing swap: storing off-season items where they are no longer visible and reallocating prime closet and dresser real estate to in-season pieces. Putting in-season pieces front and center will give inspiration to your OOTDs and also give you a mental break from your clothes when the season is over (see ya next December, holiday sweaters). Carefully store clothing pieces in totes and storage containers and pack them away in a storage space, spare closet, or under the bed.


Pare back

We love clothes—oh do we love clothes! But sometimes, owning too much clothing is actually a bad thing. When your wardrobe becomes overwhelmed, it becomes a source of chaos. It takes longer to take stock of what you own and put outfits together. Plus, what’s the fun in having so many clothes you don’t get the chance to wear them all?

Free your wardrobe by paring back. Pick out the things you really, truly love (and actually wear!) and donate or sell the rest. Still stuck on what to get rid of? Start here.

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Embrace a capsule wardrobe

You know that we believe in and encourage building a capsule wardrobe. In case you need a refresher, a capsule wardrobe consists of staple pieces that can be mixed and matched for endless (well, nearly endless) combinations. It’s all about embracing quality over quantity and prioritizing items you love and want to wear over and over again.

When shopping with a capsule wardrobe in mind, prioritize versatility and timelessness. You want pieces you can mix, match, and layer with ease. 



A tidy closet or dresser can make getting dressed in the morning infinitely easier—and it can also make the experience more cathartic. Picking pieces from neatly stacked piles and strategically color-coded hangers is much more enjoyable than pulling rumpled clothes out of an overstuffed dresser drawer.

As you set out to get organized, keep in mind that organizing a wardrobe doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter methodology—instead, it’s important to come up with a system that works for you. You might choose to add shelving units to your closet, organize pieces by color, group your clothing by item type, etc. Whatever you decide, be sure you remain vigilant in upholding your organization year-round. You may consider setting a few minutes aside each Sunday before the workweek begins to tidy up, straighten, and prep your outfits for the week ahead. 

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Wave goodbye to fast fashion 

Fast fashion comes with its own list of cons. But perhaps one of the most noticeable downsides is how chaotic and uninspired it can make your wardrobe. Buying pieces that are cheap (in both price and look), lacking in quality, and prone to losing their cool overnight is a habit we want to leave in the past. Instead, we’re reaching for quality pieces that will hold our attention for many years to come. 


Only purchase items you’ll actually wear

Before you run out to purchase items that fit every trend, ask yourself: Will I actually wear this? Don’t get us wrong, we love trying new styles! But it’s also important to have a good understanding of what you’ll reach for constantly versus what will collect dust in the back of your closet.

Buying pieces simply because you feel like you have to stay on trend is a quick way to overwhelm your wardrobe and make it less practical. Strategically choose which trends you’d like to dabble in by assessing how likely it is you’ll follow through on them.

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Cater your wardrobe to your lifestyle

Make your wardrobe truly work for you by catering it to your unique lifestyle. Do you work from home? Then eye-catching tops and hair accessories are your tickets for making an impression over Zoom. Do you work in an office? If so, make sure you have all of the basic, practical office essentials that will serve you both on your commute and in the workplace.

The same goes for climate. Do you live where it’s cold most of the year? As much as you might love sundresses and sandals, you probably only need a handful of these items to rotate during your limited warmer months. 


Assess what key pieces you’re missing

A little black dress, a pair of denim you absolutely adore, a white button-up, a structured jacket—there are some clothing items you just have to have. Do an assessment of your closet and figure out what key pieces you’re missing. Then, do some shopping to fill in the gaps. Having a solid assortment of essential wardrobe builders will make dressing for every occasion that much easier.


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