Mango reaffirms its commitment to suppliers by signing the Pakistan Accord

Mango reaffirms its commitment to suppliers by signing the Pakistan Accord

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Spanish fashion group Mango

Mango signs Pakistan Accord to ensure Pakistan factories provide a safe working environment for workers

Mango joined this agreement to “reaffirm its commitment to its suppliers”, as it has noted in a statement. This international program was born out of the Bangladesh Accord, which the Spanish fashion group signed in 2013 to improve working conditions in the country following the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building, which claimed the lives of 1133 workers.

A decade later and after being renewed in 2021, the Bangladesh Accord to which Mango remains a signatory has now been extended to Pakistan. The objective of this measure is to ensure that textile factories in the country provide a safe working environment and protect workers’ rights by promoting independent inspections, training programs, and recognising employees’ rights to organise or refuse unsafe work. This initiative also includes other measures to guarantee the protection and well-being of workers.

The Spanish fashion company’s adherence to this agreement is part of its 2030 sustainability strategy, with which the group seeks to reduce its environmental and social impact through three main pillars: product, planet and people.

Earlier this year, Mango took a step towards improving traceability and transparency by publishing a list of its Tier 3 factories, which are its suppliers of fabrics and trimmings. In addition to this, the company collaborates with several social organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children to carry out social projects. Mango also promotes initiatives that focus on providing access to education to children and women in developing regions to facilitate their entry into the labor market.

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