Stylist Law Roach Sets the Record Straight on That Rumored Zendaya Feud

As much as the internet loves a feud, celebrity stylist Law Roach is not going to let conspiracy theorists get between him and Zendaya.

On March 16, Roach sat down with The Cut editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples to discuss the retirement announcement that shocked the fashion world. Earlier this week the famed stylist surprised everyone when he revealed he was stepping back from the “politics” and “lies” of the fashion business. With little else to go on, fans on TikTok and Twitter quickly began pointing to a recent video of Roach and Zendaya at a Louis Vuitton fashion show to explain his sudden exit. In the short clip, Zendaya is seated in the last available front-row spot while Roach appeared visibly unsure where to sit. 

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