Kim Kardashian’s Dress Is So Tight She Can’t Walk in a Straight Line to Save Her Life

Kim Kardashian and her famous siblings have a myriad of accomplishments, including several fashion and beauty businesses, babies whose names we don’t know, and (in Kim’s case) the ability to beat Hillary Clinton in a legal-knowledge quiz. One talent they don’t seem to possess: walking in a straight line. 

During Milan Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian lent her creative-direction skills to the Dolce & Gabbana show. Highlights included vintage garments from the businesswoman’s personal archive and a black-and-white video of her eating spaghetti playing in the background while models walked up and down the runway. Kim, however, didn’t walk in the show—a surprise given her semi-recent modeling debut at Balenciaga’s haute couture show earlier this summer. It may have been for the best, though: After a video of the star struggling to walk in a straight line went viral, I wouldn’t have cast her either. Sorry, Kimmy!

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In the TikTok video taken by longtime friend Stephanie Shepherd, Kardashian is seen quite literally jumping up the stairs in a shiny, floor-length gown from the Italian design house. In another clip, two friends are helping the mother of four climb up the steps one by one and get into a car. 

The moment follows in the footsteps of another KarJenner attempting to look relatable in a dress that is about three times my rent. Over the summer, famed Kendall “Cucumber Girl” Jenner also had a walking mishap in a Dolce & Gabbana dress while attending Kourtney’s wedding. During the totally not sponsored Catholic cosplay festivities, a video of the world’s highest paid supermodel struggling to get up the stairs went viral. “ITS THE DRESS it’s too tight by the knees so she can’t bend them normal so she has to walk like that,” a TikTok user wrote in defense of Jenner. “Has no one ever worn a dress where it makes u walk funny?” Personally, I do not wear clothing that cuts off my circulation, so no, but it seems like a reasonable and valid struggle given the circumstances.

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