Megan Fox Is Trying to Make the Fishnet Dress Happen 

Megan Fox is ready to go mermaid mode. In a picture for her new fashion collection, a collaboration with Boohoo, the actor truly looks like a sexy siren who got caught in a hot net. I mean, it is summer. By day we hit the beach in a bikini, then throw on a loosely knitted cover-up to swing by the hot dog stand. By night we wear the same bikini but in black, with a glittery fishnet dress over it. Everyone does this every year!

The collection, which drops on June 7, seems to include a chain-mail bralette (perhaps chest cover is the more appropriate term, as I can’t imagine the garment provides much by way of support), a disco dress made of hooked-together mirrors, and a black top of some kind. Check out Fox modeling in the brand’s Reels here.

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