Blue Ivy Carter Is Mortified by Her Father at a Basketball Game

Being a legendary rapper who literally defined the word “cool” for two entire generations of Gen X’ers and millennials could not stop Jay-Z from causing daughter Blue Ivy Carter, 10, to full-body cringe with embarrassment at a Warriors versus Celtics game on Monday, June 14. 

It may be indisputably rad to have a dad who can take you to NBA games where you sit get to sit courtside and meet the players and all of that, but that does not mean that said dad will not still be completely goofy.

Jim Poorten/Getty Images

Video from the game caught Jay throwing his arm around Blue (who looks so much like her mother it’s like Beyoncé got hit with a shrink ray, by the way) in an attempt to pose for a cute, daddy and daughter photo—only for Blue to try pulling away with a look that translates in all languages to, “Oh my God, Dad.” 

The video has no sound, but Blue is seen mouthing something that looks an awful lot like, “Stop it,” which Jay laughs off, before giving his daughter a kiss on the cheek. 

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