It’s Called Julia Fox Business Casual, Look It Up!

It’s been a minute, but Julia Fox is back from a few quiet ones and guess what: she’s gone formal!

On May 9, the model was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a look I’m cleverly dubbing “Foxy Business” which is made up of multiple ties arranged beneath a tweed-style blazer, and atop her now-signature leather skirt.

But wait, there’s more. A closer look at Fox’s face exposes a single lighter for an earring, and the handbag she’s clutching? Yeah, that’s ceramic. Because, why not?

Let’s rewind a second before unpacking this haphazardly put together, breezy outfit.

First up we have the tie top. A top made of ties. A corset-style garment made by designer JADED London comprising, what looks to be, five classic office ties. Three horizontal, one (the strap) vertical, another holding them all together in the background.

Then there’s another tie draped over Fox’s shoulders on the outside of the matching jacket, which presumably offers no real benefit whatsoever, other than continuing the tie-heavy theme.

Fox’s ears are then inexplicably decorated with the pleasantries of a dangling BIC lighter (albeit only one ear, of course), while the what-looks-to-be-empty bag is apparently IRL ceramic. Say, you don’t wanna be dropping that!

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As we’re all aware, wild and impractical outfits aren’t anything new from Fox. Her handbags have ranged from literal bibles to six-foot body bags in recent months, while the “clothes” themselves can be anything from leather horse costumes to barely-there latex bikinis.

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To be frank, if you aren’t already au fait with the fact that Julia Fox is the queen when it comes to crazy outfit ensembles, you should be by now. And, if anything, her take on business casual should certainly be enough to prove it.

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