Selena Gomez Embraces French Girl Style in Paris

Watch out, Emily, Selena Gomez has landed in Paris. 

Traveling is fun and all—but trying to dress like a local wherever you touch down is even more fun. What would a trip to the Italian seaside be without a headscarf and a flowing skirt, for example? There’s an art to nailing the fashion mood of whatever destination you’re visiting, and someone who nailed this approach today is none other than Selena Gomez. The singer and Rare Beauty founder was spotted in Paris dressing like a true French girl. Or rather, an American’s idea of French girl chic.

Photo: Backgrid

There’s an effortless, and discreet, sensibility to how Parisians dress. (Basically, it’s the opposite of Lily Collins’s flamboyantly-dressed character in .) Stylish locals in the City of Light never look like they’re trying too hard—like they simply woke up looking totally polished. Gomez nailed this approach when she slipped into a minimal, all-black look including a tee and dress pants. Yet her choice knitwear, artfully slung over her shoulders, gave the casual look a chic, refined feel, as did her accessories: A Chanel clutch, Prada shades, and flip-flop heels.

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