Rapha & Snow Peak Has Us Yearning to Bike Pack

I’ve always liked the thought of bike packing, but never really had the urge to actually do it. Presumably there’s something quite liberating about hitting the road with only a bike and a shed load of camping equipment for company.

That being said, if there’s going to be anything that’s going to make me consider actually getting out and doing it, it’ll be some dead nice cycling gear and, as luck has it, Rapha and Snow Peak might just be it.

Linking for Spring/Summer 2023, the duo — who first partnered for a concise mug and spork capsule back in 2021 — return for a second bite of the cherry and this time bringing with it an entire apparel collection, as well as some more neat accessories.

I’m not saying that a Rapha x Snow Peak water-repellent shirt will necessarily see me jump on two wheels and head for the wilderness, but it’ll certainly help. As will the Explore Down Jacket, merino tee, and titanium single-walled mug, of course.

Available now via the Rapha webstore, the collection is yet another example of how cycling’s inherently stylish aesthetic is continuing to creep into normal everyday wear.

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Take Rapha’s recent Brain Dead collaboration, for example, or even its numerous Palace collections that have been as popular with cyclists and they have been with non-riders.

For me, as both a fan of Rapha and Snow Peak (as well as cycling) this is a more than pleasing collaboration to see.

Whether it’ll be enough to make me actually go bike packing though remains to be seen. If not, I’ll at least look like I bike pack, which is good enough.

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