Rihanna Just Traded in Her Crop Top for a Sheer Minidress

Rihanna knows how to take a look from day to night.

On February 25, all eyes were on Rihanna and ASAP Rocky as they attended the Gucci fashion show in Milan. The rapper wore a head-to-toe black ensemble and carried a Gucci briefcase, while Rihanna showed out in a black PVC and lace crop top, low-rise dragon pants, and an oversized lavender coat. She topped off the look with a mirrorball headdress, a long necklace draped over her exposed baby bump, and, to tie the entire look together, purple eye shadow. 


But that was not the only look Rihanna served on Friday. Following the show, Rihanna shook things up, trading in her crop top, pants, and headdress for a sheer black Gucci minidress, strappy heels, and another long silver statement necklace. She kept the purple coat and lids. Now, that’s how you take a look from day to night without sacrificing an ounce of drama.


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