Inditex and Jeanologia develop a system to reduce the shedding of microfibres in textiles

Inditex and Jeanologia develop a system to reduce the shedding of microfibres in textiles

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Inditex and Jeanologia develop the Air Fiber Washer system, which reduces the shedding of microfibres in textiles – Inditex – Jeanologia

The Air Fiber Washer system allows for a reduction of up to 60% in microfiber shedding by using air, without the need for water or thermal energy, while maintaining the quality of the fabrics. Inditex and Jeanologia highlighted these features in a joint statement.

Through a dynamic air flow, the microfibers are extracted from the garments and collected in a “containment bag” for subsequent recycling. Each Air Fiber Washer machine can collect up to 325 kilograms of microfibers per year, depending on the types of fabrics and machinery conditions.

“This technology will be shared with the industry without any limitation, as part of the effort of both companies to mitigate the release of microfibres”, announced the Galician giant and the Valencian company.

Enrique Silla, president of Jeanologia, values the collaboration with Inditex as “an experience and a source of pride”.

He emphasised that “this initiative is just the first step in the mission we have set ourselves to minimise the impact of microfibre release in textile manufacturing and product life cycle”.

Javier Losada, chief sustainability officer at Inditex, said that it is necessary to “drive innovative solutions to address industry challenges, such as the release of microfibres. This project with Jeanologia is an example of how we can collaborate with other industries to limit our water impacts right from the manufacturing phase.”

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