Elwood Clothing relaunches with first store in Los Angeles’ Arts District

Elwood Clothing relaunches with first store in Los Angeles’ Arts District

Once a brand inspired by the world of skateboarding, Elwood is reborn around a vintage inspiration. The brand has just opened its first space at Al’s General Store in the Arts District, the former punk club where David Bowie, Guns ‘N’ Roses and Nirvana performed in the mid-80’s.

Elwood Clothing at Al’s General Store, Arts District

The Elwood brand has a long history. Founded in 1996 by Palmer Brown, pro skater Sal Barbier and Luciano Mor, Elwood was a success in its early days, with distribution in the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada, before being caught up in the inexperience of its founders who put an end to their business a few years later.

Relaunched in 2008 in San Diego, Elwood found with its founder Palmer Brown a second youth, developed its own materials, was interested in denim, organic materials, but the commercial success did not come. 

Taken over during the 2020 pandemic by Jackson Wirht, owner and CEO, and with creative director Justin Saul, Elwood has been relaunched around a small team, and completely changes the direction of the brand’s style. Obsessed with vintage clothing, the new team imagines collections of basic pieces, tees, sweatshirts, crewnecks, pants, jackets, all washed and presented with vintage effects.

Elwood Clothing’s first store at Al’s General Store

In its first store in the Arts District, Elwood chose an esoteric setting, reminiscent of California desert landscapes, where stone blocks, marble and circular tables match the brick walls. In addition to the brand’s collections, a selection of accessories from caps to real vintage pieces complete the selection. 

The designers hope to open more stores soon and are also counting on wholesale distribution including NordstromPoshmark

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