Wrangler launches vintage and preloved denim collection

Wrangler launches vintage and preloved denim collection

Kontoor Brands-owned American denim brand Wrangler

Wrangler launches vintage and preloved denim collection – Wrangler

Timed with the brand’s 75th anniversary, the ‘Wrangler Reborn’ collection features items from as early as the 1950s to the 2000s. It aims to spotlight the resilience of Wrangler denim and the brand’s commitment to crafting quality pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The most featured fits in the collection were originally built for durability and longevity for the cowboys of the American west, adopted globally in the 1960s. Styles include the brand’s continued best-selling jean styles — the 13MWZ Cowboy Cut jean, known for its durability, quality and authenticity — as well as the Cowboy Cut 0936, which features a slim-fitting silhouette for today’s modern cowboy. 

“Curating the pieces in this collection as we celebrate Wrangler’s 75th anniversary really transported us back in time to key moments in our history, while also bringing into clear focus the cultural significance of authentic, durable, quality denim of past, present and future,” said Vivian Rivetti, vice president global design at Wrangler. 

“Wrangler jeans are timeless and loved across generations, and this collection appeals to denim heads, longtime Wrangler fans and young vintage-lovers alike, representing the importance of our heritage and proving that this collection is truly one for the ages.”

The collection is part of the brand’s ‘WeCare Wrangler’ sustainability mission, contributing to circularity within the fashion industry by taking older denim pieces some of which might otherwise end up in a landfill and enabling them to be re-sold and re-loved. 

Looking ahead, to further embark on their commitment to sustainability, Wrangler will be introducing an Earth Jean this month, to celebrate the planet and the drive to creating a more sustainable future.

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