Clunky Sneakers Are Out. This Summer It’s All About the Sleek Runner Shoe

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Sneaker trend alert: We’re seeing fashion’s most stylish swapping chunky soles for sleek runner sneakers. By now we all know that trends moves like a pendulum. Whenever things get a little too futuristic and modern, people like to revert to tried-and-true retro styles. 

The same goes for sneaker trends, it seems. While this past fall and winter we couldn’t get enough of sneakers with thick, sturdy soles and XXL platforms—they were nice and weatherproof, after all—the trend in spring and summer, on the other hand, is more toward graceful elegance. Thanks to supermodels like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kaia Gerber, we are seeing a true vintage revival in sneakers that’s all about the ’70s.

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Instead of chunky dad and platform sneakers, more and more influencers, celebrities, and the in-the-know fashion crowd are opting for slim, elegant sneaker models this summer. Many of these shoes, like the iconic Samba by Adidas, are inspired by the style of classic sneakers from the 1970s or even reissues of originals from that era.

Yellow sneakers are more popular than ever this year.

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Onitsuka Tiger sneakers are making a big comeback.

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The style of elegant runner sneakers is characterized mainly by their narrow silhouette, which fits snugly to the foot. Usually, the shoes are made of a mix of suede and smooth leather and come in dark vintage colors like mustard yellow, dark blue, or blue-green—though white sneaker models like Loewe’s Ballet Runner are also an option. 

The new sneaker trend is also characterized by a thin rubber sole and laces that match the tone of the rest of the shoe. Minimalist yet cool, the runner models are the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. Key word: understatement.

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