I Hope You’re Ready to Dress Like It’s 2013 Again

I mustache you a question. Do you still have your owl statement necklace? Have you recently yearned for the forgiving embrace of a peplum top? Are you finding yourself eying a new pair of ballet flats for fall?

It may seem incredibly premature to millennials, but the return of 2010s fashion—categorized as the period between 2010 and 2016—is just around the corner. Slowly but surely, the decade’s hallmarks are being transformed from “cheugy” to cool. Fashion websites are offering tips for replacing your delicate gold jewelry (sob) with statement necklaces, and insisting the aforementioned peplums are “actually cute.” Young TikTokers are yearning nostalgically for 2014 Tumblr culture, they’re grooving to “Like a G6,” and they’re sharing their tips for cutting a T-shirt to hang off the shoulder, declaring, “The 2010s are back.”

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