The Kooples: MD Marie Schott leaves, Anne-Laure Couplet takes over

The Kooples: MD Marie Schott leaves, Anne-Laure Couplet takes over

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Nicola Mira

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Anne-Laure Couplet – The Kooples

In February 2021, Schott replaced Romain Guinier as managing director of the French rock-chic labelUndizEtam

The French affordable luxury label, founded in 2008 by siblings Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elichawas bought in 2019 from the Elicha family by Swiss group MF Brands.

Couplet’s appointment was confirmed in a press release issued by MF Brands, stating that her mission will be to mastermind and sustain the label’s expansion in France and internationally.

“I am pleased to announce the arrival of Anne-Laure Couplet as CEO of The Kooples. Her leadership qualities, product understanding and organisational sense will be essential to elevate the label’s desirability and performance. I would like to thank Marie Schott for her commitment to the group and the brand, and wish her every success in her new projects,” said ​Thierry Guibert, CEO of MF Brands.

Couplet is taking charge of The Kooples at a time when the global outlook for fashion retail is complex, and the same goes for the label, in the midst of a turnaround phase since undergoing an irreverence cure starting in April 2022, aimed at revitalizing

A graduate of the Manhattan Institute of Management, Couplet worked at TatiBurton group, bought in 2020 by Thierry Le Guénic

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