Julia Fox Makes the Case for Metallics in a Chain-and-String Bikini

Julia Fox would make an excellent Poison Ivy if the Robert Pattinson Batman-verse decides to go in that direction. With her bleached eyebrows and maroon hair, she’s definitely got a villain vibe going. 

She’s also proving my point about how we need a separate category for bikinis  that are not swimwear, because she recently posted a selfie in a two-piece that has actual metal chains as part of the design. You can’t get that wet—it’ll rust! If you’d like to see how the chains crisscross all the way down to the string bikini bottom, you can see coverage of that (barely there coverage) on Page Six.

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The garment is courtesy of edgy brand Dilara Findikoglu, and the chain is actually water-resistant, according to the website. But come on, this was not made for swimming. This is for lying on a towel while posting pics, something Fox clearly understands. The brand is also responsible for Margot Robbie’s tiny fire-engine-red dress on the Barbie press tour as well as Hari Nef’s knife dress, also from the Barbie press tour.

To her credit, Fox did get in the water when she modeled a white one-piece at the beach, rendering the garment see-through, which seems to have been the point. Back in May she showed up at Cannes in an shimmery all-white see-through gown, predicting the all-white trend way before any of us saw it coming. She was there to attend the premiere of The Idol, and now that we’ve all gotten to see The Idol, I do wonder: How the heck was Julia Fox not in The Idol? She and The Weeknd both popped up in Uncut Jyeams; but when he makes his own show about fame addicts who never wear clothes, Fox is nowhere to be found? I want to see her in a screaming match with Eli Roth so bad. Here’s hoping for a new character somewhere post-strike!

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