Uniqlo appoints COO to support founder and CEO

Uniqlo appoints COO to support founder and CEO


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UniqloFast RetailingTadashi Yanai

Daisuke Tsukagoshi – Site internet d’Uniqlo.

Tsukagoshi had already been overseeing Uniqlo’s global day-to-day operations since September of last year. However, effective from Friday, he will be assuming the roles of executive director, president, and chief operating officer of Uniqlo Co., the entity overseeing all brand activities.

He also leads Fast Retailing’s operations in North America, a region where the group turned profitable for the first time in its previous fiscal year 2021/22. The company holds significant growth ambitions in this region for the upcoming years.

As of now, Yanai has not officially designated a successor, leading to speculation each time one of his key lieutenants is promoted to a key position.

Since 2018, his two sons, Kazumi and Koji Yanai, have been serving on the board of directors of Fast Retailing. Nevertheless, during that time, their father denied any intention of paving the way for a family-based succession.

In 2019, Yanai had also stated his preference for a woman to eventually take the helm of his empire.

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