How the Boys Lie Sweatsuit Became the New Revenge Dress

When the world saw the first paparazzi photos of Ariana Madix filming the much-anticipated “Scandoval” reunion episode of Vanderpump Rules, she didn’t need to say anything to telegraph how she was feeling about her ex. Her message was written on her sweatsuit: “1 800 Boys Lie.”

Ariana Madix wears Boys Lie.


The photos of Madix in the perfectly on-the-nose set became a viral moment, and encapsulated a classic type of celebrity PR: revenge dressing. In the modern social media version, where photos from Backgrid get disseminated almost instantly for dissection on a myriad of Instagram and TikTok accounts, famous people are now choosing to wear their message on their sleeve. Just this week Tori Spelling wore a T-shirt emblazoned with “Boys Lie” to get papped following rumors she is getting a divorce, her intent loud and clear.

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