Anita Tillmann leaves Premium Group

Anita Tillmann leaves Premium Group

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Jörg Arntz and Anita Tillmann. – Premium Group

“After more than two decades, I am stepping down from the operational side of the business and leaving it in the hands of my business partner Jörg and our experienced management team with great confidence and trust,” announced Anita Tillmann

Together with her team, they have “built an international network in the fashion industry and gained many friends and partners in the process,” Tillmann continues. 
Jörg Arntz, managing director of Premium Group for many years, will stay in his current position and continue to lead the company. Together with the Premium and Seek

“I am delighted to have had Anita by my side over the past 10 years. The goal remains to strengthen Premium Group’s position as an established and pioneering platform on a national and international level. We question traditional KPIs, develop sustainable business models together with the industry, share this know-how with our communities and continue to drive innovation and growth in close exchange with the industry,” explains Jörg Arntz.

The demand for an organised industry meeting in Berlin is still very high and the relevance of personal exchange will become even more important in the future, says Arntz.

Clarion Events, the parent company of Premium Group, supports this transition and thanks founder Anita Tillmann for the successful, long-standing partnership. 

Lisa Hannant, CEO of Clarion Events, said, “We would like to sincerely thank Anita for the passion, creativity and vision she has brought to Premium over the years. Thanks to their continued friendship and collaboration, together with the skills and experience of Jörg and the team, we have full confidence that the company is in good hands, both now and in the future.” 

The last edition of the fair under the joint leadership of Anita Tillmann and Jörg Arntz will take place on July 11 and 12 at Station Berlin. On these dates Premium Group will be presenting itself as an event and trend platform for the first time.



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