Thrifting Apps Like Poshmark Are a Window Into a Woman-Run Retail World

In her first year reselling clothing on Poshmark, Debbie, a mom of two from Oklahoma, made under $300, but she knew she could make a living reselling. She’d been doing just that on eBay for over a decade, ever since having her kids. (“It was such good money—far better money than I ever have made as a schoolteacher,” she tells Glamour.) For Poshmark, which uses a social media model to facilitate the resale of clothing and accessories, she needed to adjust her business strategy.

She started making proactive offers to buyers, promoting herself, and offering strategic discounts. And she adapted to the site’s culture. Social-based shopping apps run, she noticed, on people who are “happy and kind.” Users on Poshmark can “heart” clothing, and after they receive their orders, they can send “love notes.” To Debbie, the community on Poshmark felt downright caring. She started reaching out to sellers personally with sweet notes and packaging her products with ribbons and stickers. That year, she says, she made over $20,000.

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