Emily Ratajkowski Made Her Ultra-Minidress Look Even Shorter With a Y2K Accessory Hack

Emily Ratajkowski is playing with proportions. On August 4 the 32-year-old model walked her dog in New York City wearing an ultrashort black minidress with her new favorite calf-high leather boots, skinny black sunglasses, and an unexpected throwback accessory.

With the continued resurgence of low-rise jeans comes the inevitable return of hip-hugging, low-hanging belts, but Ratajkowski really threw it back to the early aughts by draping her leather accoutrement over the perfectly fitted LBD. Many belts of the Y2K era were infamously useless, doing less to hold up pants and more to highlight just how low you can go. Of course, the thick belt over dresses was also a popular, waist-synching look, but that’s a conversation for another paparazzi shot….

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