TikTok’s ‘Three-Word Method’ Is Changing the Way Women Dress and Shop 

I discovered TikTok’s viral “three-word method” at a time when I needed it most. During the last few months, my closet has been in fashion purgatory. I’m overwhelmed by what I own, yet somehow can’t seem to find anything to wear. My Pinterest “inspo” boards are proving to be uninspiring, organizing my closet is a futile exercise, and buying new pieces to try to cobble together something that resembles personal style with a clear throughline isn’t working because, often, I gravitate toward pieces I admire but don’t necessarily get much use from.

Popularized during summer 2022 by stylist Allison Bornstein, the three-word method serves as an abbreviated checklist of sorts for anyone who suffers from frequent fashion frustration. The method is remarkably simple in theory but extraordinary in its effectiveness: condense your personal style—wished or actual—into three words, no matter how disparate they might be from one another and no matter how silly you think the words are. 

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