Zendaya Embraced Loud Luxury at the Louis Vuitton Show

Quiet luxury, you had a good run, but logos are back, prints are in, and style queen Zendaya is done being subtle.

In Paris for Fashion Week, the Dune star did a little photo shoot in what definitely looks like an underground parking structure, modeling thigh-high boots and a one-sleeve top that must be glued to her chest because…how?

Her hair (extensions? Debate among yourselves) and makeup were typically flawless, shiny, and luxurious in a way that implies, “I did not wake up like this and I have much more money than you do.” She also struck a few more poses in what I’m pretty sure is an elevator.


As we said, loud and proud. Even if you don’t immediately clock these prints as being LV, they are certainly not the understated minimalism we’ve come to expect from the fashion elite. And thank goodness! Zendaya is a 27-year-old It girl; she should not be dressing like she’s on the way to a board meeting for a museum charity gala.

On Instagram the look drew “My jaw is on the floor” type comments. “Who did Tom sell his soul to to deserve this,” asked one follower. “Tom need to know that he is dating the most beautiful woman in the world,” added another. Guys, pretty sure he knows!

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