Ugg launches sustainable ‘Regenerate by Ugg’ collection

Ugg launches sustainable ‘Regenerate by Ugg’ collection

Global lifestyle brand Ugg, a division of Deckers Brands, unveiled on Thursday a new all-gender sustainability-focused collection.

Ugg launches sustainable “Regenerate by Ugg” collection. – Ugg

Dubbed ‘Regenerate by Ugg’, the line features footwear crafted with materials from land cared for with regenerative traditions. Regenerative agriculture is a practice that ensures farming harmonizes with nature, fostering soil restoration, wildlife diversity, carbon capture, and land preservation for future generations.

Highlights from the collection include the Neumel Crafted Regenerate Boot, Classic Mini Regenerate Boot, Campfire Crafted Regenerate Boot, Scuffette II Regenerate Slipper, and Tasman Regenerate Slipper.

The create the collection Ugg collaborated with influential figures in the regenerative community. One of the changemakers behind this collection is Marina Testino, a fashion marketing graduate from Parsons

Jesse Smith, director of Land Stewardship for White Buffalo Land Trust, also played a pivotal role in shaping this sustainable collection. His dedication to regenerative agriculture has empowered land stewards to adopt regenerative principles, making a significant impact on food production, soil health, and biodiversity.

María Bernad, an influential Paris-based stylist and influencer, contributed her unique sense of style to the collection, reflecting her commitment to sustainable fashion practices. Meanwhile, Jerome Foster II, a 21-year-old environmental justice activist and youngest-ever White House Advisor, offered his invaluable perspective on climate activism and community impact.

Lastly, Zaya Guarani, an internationally renowned model with roots in the Brazilian Amazon

The collection launch is in line with Ugg’s mission to restore one million acres of grassland into regenerative farmland by 2025, pledging to make a lasting impact on the Australian sheepskin industry.

In 2022, Ugg also initiated a long-term grant partnership with the Savory Institute, aiming to promote regenerative farming practices on sheep farms in Australia. To date, they have contributed to the restoration of an impressive 310,000 acres, signifying progress toward their goal.

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