Emily Ratajkowski Does Naked Dressing From Her Shoes Up

Most of the outfits that Emily Ratajkowski wears are an experiment in out-revealing the last. As with Kim Kardashian in her flesh-tone shapewear or Victoria Beckham in her LBDs and face-swamping sunglasses, a famous person’s taking ownership of a particular aesthetic sends up a red flare that communicates who they are and what they’re about.

In the case of Ratajkowski, a model who rose to fame as a bikini-clad music video vixen, this seems to be about reclaiming the objectified female form. In April 2021, she claimed artist Richard Prince had taken one of her Instagram photos and printed it on a large canvas (priced at $90,000) without her permission. She later sold that same image as an NFT. And then she wrote a best-selling book, in which she bore down on the (often uncomfortable) ways in which her image has been used to sell heterosexual fantasies.

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