Podcast: Lisa Chavy explains Livy’s premium lingerie strategy

Podcast: Lisa Chavy explains Livy’s premium lingerie strategy

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Lisa Chavy is bringing accessible luxury to lingerie with her brand Livy

Luxurynsight X FashionNetworkEp 54: Lisa Chavy talks to Olivier Guyot about “Strategic Brand Building” FR

Livy is not only operating in France but also in the United States where the brand was discovered by the head of Victoria’s Secret. The brand has also been continuously developing in Europe and has been displayed in beautiful spaces in department stores, such as Le Bon Marché where Livy is presenting a special exhibition for the building’s 170th anniversary. The brand’s success is due to its founder’s strong character, and to the fact that she began her career designing and creating lingerie.

After working on lingerie lines for luxury brands at the Société Internationale de Lingerie, Chavy joined the EtamUndiz

In this interview with Olivier Guyot, editor-in-chief of FashionNetwork.com

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