Christina Aguilera Wearing a Micro-Miniskirt That’s Also a Purse Is Pure Camp

Finally! A style innovation that is neither bikini nor sheer! Just as July came to a close, Christina Aguilera introduced followers to her purskirt (that’s purse-skirt, if you didn’t know).

“Precious goods” she wrote on Instagram under a picture of herself wearing a pink crystal-covered micro-mini that has handles, flaps, and latches to give it the appearance of an Hermés Birkin Bag. W as part of Namilia’s spring-summer 2024 collection (“In loving memory of my sugar daddy”), and you can see a clip of the garment, and others like it, on the runway by tapping through Xtina’s post.

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She’s in her bag! She’s securing the bag! She’s a genie in a bottle in a bag! These are all the fun comments on the post, but be warned, most of them are about her weight and her upcoming Tel Aviv concert, so scroll at your own risk.


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