Montserrat New York pops up at Bloomingdale’s

Montserrat New York pops up at Bloomingdale’s

Montserrat New York has teamed up with Bloomingdale’s for its first-ever retail launch.

Montserrat New York pops up at Bloomingdale’s. – Montserrat New York

In particular, the brand is popping up in the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street store, in Manhattan, and online at Montserrat New York will offer its lab-grown diamond pieces and other best sellers from its collection to shoppers IRL.

The move follows a long-term omnichannel retail strategy that the DTC brand implemented upon its second year of operation.

Montserrat New York was founded by jewelry designer and creative director Carolina Cordon-Bouzan, who has two generations of jewelry behind her. The brand’s offering includes pieces for millennial and Gen-Z consumers, whose taste and disposable income vary.

“When I design items for our customers, I really keep longevity in mind— both in our materials and designs,” said Cordon-Bouzan, in a news statement. “I want to make sure that no matter what you invest, that we grow with you, and we provide a level of quality that is unparalleled in the contemporary lab-grown jewelry market.”

Co-founder and CMO, Gayle Yelon added, “The soul of our work is what Carolina puts into design. What we want for the brand is to bring the heritage behind each of these pieces to our consumers. This year and well into next, we plan to do this via an omnichannel approach. With engaging in person events, retail locations and pop ups, our strong ecommerce

At the pop-up, on December 3, customers will have the opportunity to meet Cordon-Bouzan and Yelon and speak with them about their brand, and the pieces that will be available. 

Most recently, the team also launched a curated collection of jewelry in the Rowing Blazers flagship store.

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