Snapchat rolls out ‘Director Mode’ to compete with TikTok

Snapchat rolls out ‘Director Mode’ to compete with TikTok



Social networks are no longer just platforms for chatting and sharing opinions and pictures; they have become true spaces for exhibiting and realizing creative projects. Snapchat has rolled out its “director mode” globally, allowing users to edit videos directly from its application. A way to take on TikTok?


The Chinese social network has long offered such a feature. In an attempt to compete with the success and popularity of TikTok’s editing tool, other social networks are going all in on creative functions by offering their own version. Now it’s Snapchat’s turn to boost editing options for users. The social network announced the rollout of “director mode” offering different shooting and editing tools for content creation. The “director mode” has been fully rolled out for iOS users and in the coming weeks Android users will also get access to the “dual camera” functionality.

The new mode allows you to use the dual-camera function to activate the rear and front cameras simultaneously, as well as to use filters such as “green screen” to add a particular background to a video. It also allows users the ability to change the pace of the video by slowing down or speeding up certain passages with the “playback speed” function.

Intense competition has pushed social media platforms to develop additional tools to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Live broadcasting, live shopping and now editing tools… these are some of a wide range of tools that platforms are offering to encourage users to create content directly from their application. Advantages that are highly valued by content creators for their ease of use and convenience.

Snapchat already made efforts to get in on the trend of a feed of short video content, along the lines of TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, by creating Spotlight, which, according to Snap in its latest report, has enjoyed 55% growth between 2021 and 2022.


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